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a.Inner-Light 1.
a.Inner-Light 1. »

b. Inner-Light 2.
b. Inner-Light 2. »

c. Southwest Landscape 3.
c. Southwest Landscape 3. »

d. Southwest Landscape 1.
d. Southwest Landscape 1. »

e. Southwest Landscape 2.
e. Southwest Landscape 2. »

f. Southwest Landscape 4.
f. Southwest Landscape 4. »

g. Southwest Landscape 5.
g. Southwest Landscape 5. »

h. Southwest Landscape 6.
h. Southwest Landscape 6. »

i. New Mexico Landscape
i. New Mexico Landscape »

j. Red Landscape
j. Red Landscape »

k. Reflection Series 1.
k. Reflection Series 1. »

l. Reflection Series 2.
l. Reflection Series 2. »

m. Reflection Series 3.
m. Reflection Series 3. »

n. Reflection Series 4.
n. Reflection Series 4. »

o. Reflection Series 5.
o. Reflection Series 5. »

p. Inner-Light 1.
p. Inner-Light 1. »

w. Spiritual Lustre
w. Spiritual Lustre »

Christian von Grumbkow - Wuppertal, Germany

"I donít paint a message nor thoughts, but I paint color Ö I must struggle for quality, for the essence of color, for mood, for balance or even for dissonance. But there has to be viewer, who in the process of viewing is appreciating the painting and can experience something, even experience himself."

An established artist represented by galleries in Europe, Canada and the US, Christian's work has also been featured in the large European Art Fairs, including Art Cologne and Art Frankfurt. His work is found in public, private and museum collections. German Publisher Verlag Freies Geistesleben has also selected several of his paintings for book covers.

A former rock musician in the 70's, Christian performed with the infamous band Hoelderlin - a major European record company has recently begun to re-release their albums.

For many years Christian taught art part-time to learning disabled and developmentally delayed teenagers at the Christian Morgenstern Waldorf School in Wuppertal, Germany.