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a. Autumn Dance
a. Autumn Dance »

b. Loud Conversation
b. Loud Conversation »

c. Mountain Sky Dance
c. Mountain Sky Dance »

d. Your Sky
d. Your Sky »

e. Spring Burst
e. Spring Burst »

f. The Open Door
f. The Open Door »

g. Walking Through Santa Fe
g. Walking Through Santa Fe »

h. Rocks Speak in Moonlight
h. Rocks Speak in Moonlight »

i. Musical Composition
i. Musical Composition »

j. Sailing The Desert
j. Sailing The Desert »

k. Shadow
k. Shadow »

Anthony Nordoff - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I strive to create a visual language to show the love and thunder, the tension and yield, the elements in that great space between earth and sky. Through that streams mingled inspiration and spirituality. I boat that never-ending stream. I want to reach behind the details back to the original forms to the gestures which support and shadow the object. I work to show this creative gesture. Gesture as birth creation movements of air reflecting the bones of the earth."

Anthony is an accomplished artist and art teacher who grew up in NYC and attended the Rudolf Steiner School. A second generation anthroposophist, Anthony has taught art at Waldorf High Schools from coast-to-coast. He also maintained a studio and art gallery in the Berkshires, MA for 18 years before moving to Santa Fe in 2000. Anthony presently lives in Stockbridge, MA. He has exhibited widely in the US and his work is found in private collections in North America and Europe.