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Jorge Sanz-Cardona - NY - b. Spain

"I believe Art to be the means through which one can have an entry into the transcendental. To me, the multi-faceted world of color is akin to the path of the spirit that the artist has at his disposal to enter this realm. In my approach to painting, form arises out of the layering of transparent colors in their interplay between light and darkness. My research into human perception and imagination through the arts has led me to explore not only the aesthetic essence of life, but also the dormant spiritual and healing capacities within the soul."

While born in Spain, Jorge spent his early years in South America and Europe and studied art and architecture at university in Germany. He then moved to the US and had the opportunity to work with renowned architects, such as Philip Johnson and Marcel Breuer. Jorge then opened his own architectural design office in Manhattan. In the early 90's, Jorge closed his business so that he could concentrate on painting. His work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Washington, DC and Santa Fe and is found in private collections in Europe and North and South America. Jorge lectures on the arts and gives workshops internationally. He presently lives in Paris, France with his wife Michele.