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a. Archangel Michael
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b. Epiphany
b. Epiphany »

c. Transubstantion & Communion
c. Transubstantion & Communion »

d. Element of Fire
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e. Element of Water
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f. Element of Air
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g. Element of Earth
g. Element of Earth »

Sally Rutledge - Albuquerque, New Mexico - "Painting has always been my creative tool. When I found anthroposophy my art could finally be filled with meaning. Color now pulsed through the sky, moving and dancing through all of its' smaller colors. I was filled with a new passion for life, which continues to grow stronger over time. My most comfortable medium is charcoal, for darkness and light, giving Color direction and movement on canvas, paper, large walls and even rooms. My favorite work continues to be the teaching of Color. A new joy in existence lights up a person's face, as they put brush to paper." - - Sally grew up in the Midwest. Her university studies centered around training in the classical fine arts, especially watercolors. She lived in different areas of the States, from the east to west coast, as well as in the jungles of Guatemala. For 10 years, Sally lived on the west coast of British Columbia. She studied painting from the anthroposophical perspective with Dorothea Sunier-Pierce, Maulsby Kimball and Jannabeth Roell. Sally has worked as a Waldorf teacher and taught painting to children and adults in the US and Canada. In 1998, she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and started Beautiful Spaces Architectural Painting Company, lazuring interior spaces and creating murals. Always painting, Sally has exhibited widely and her work is found in numerous private collections in North America.