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b. Indian Valley
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c. Rocky Mountain Landscape
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f. Southwest Landscape
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g. Flight over the Plains
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i. El Norte
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i. Winter Night
i. Winter Night »

Jennifer Thomson - Crestone, Colorado

"My intent as a painter is not simply to render a sunrise, nor to depict my reaction to it, but to penetrate its very nature to look behind what we are normally content in seeing and try to experience something of the spiritual force that creates it. Color has its own voice in this process. When I am able to listen deeply enough to each color I can enter an inner-space, where every brush stroke strives to be inspired by the radiant being of the color itself. My task is to help the world of color to reveal itself. My intention is to stimulate in the onlooker an inner-movement toward participating in the creative process of the colors."

An established fine artist, and experienced teacher, Jennifer Thomson has taught art for over 40 years. After receiving a BFA in painting in the US, Jennifer traveled to Europe in the early 80ies to study with artist, and art-therapist, Beppe Assenza in Dornach, Switzerland. She completed a four-year certificate program in painting that included J.W. Goethe's color theory and Rudolf Steiner's color indications and spiritual science.

Jennifer returned to the States to accept a position at the Atelier House School of Painting in New York and served as Director for 11 years, teaching students from North America, Europe and Asia. Her work there also included curative painting with young adults with special needs.

In 1996, Jennifer moved to Denver, Colorado and met her physician husband, Dr. Philip Incao. She continued to paint, exhibit her art and give workshops. She also worked, teaching curative painting to psychiatric patients and the elderly.

Jennifer and her husband then moved to Crestone, Colorado, where she maintains a studio and teaches art through private classes and workshops. Jennifer's approach to teaching is to help students find their own path and voice through the study of color. This path involves an inner-search for truth and balance. Jennifer has exhibited widely in the US and her work is found in private collections in North America and Europe.

"The color on canvas is dead, unless the color within us rises up to bridge these two worlds with life!"

.... Beppe Assenza